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Week 10 B: Staying organized

One of the things I have observed with some bloggers and those with online businesses is that they might have regurgitated some posts, but they still remain relevant and make an impact. With Facebook's ever-changing algorithms, sometimes we can lose track of posts that may interest us.

I see this a lot in the crafting world as well. I notice that I might have seen a post and then it gets "lost" in the shuffle of other posts and when I go directly to the page, I have to do a little digging if I don't save the post right away.

Scheduling posts on Facebook is one way to stay organized and make sure you can keep your followers wanting more of your posts. I plan to create a schedule on my calendar and also share it to my other sites. I haven't quite figured out how to fully use Pinterest yet, but I have seen other successful crafters re-pin their most popular postings which still draws customers to their links to online shops.

When I share things on Instagram, I also …
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Week 10 A: Blogging for Business

Adding a human interest to a post or any type of social media engagement is pretty much the root of many reasons we respond to advertising or marketing campaigns to begin with. Making a human connection or making it personal can allow a consumer to either gravitate toward your product, or influence them to look elsewhere.

In around 2007 after the birth of my second child, Jasmine, I became interested in the business of blogging. I had no idea what anything entailed, but I found myself reading many a day. They connected with me. Whether the bloggers discussed:

New York (where I was living at the time),

Mothering (it had been many years since the last baby was born and so much changed),

or even new recipes (WOW! Some people really can take enticing photos!),

I wanted to know how I could have a voice in the blogging world. I thought it might have been a little too complicated.

One of my favorite blogging success stories is of the Food Network's Ree Drummond, A.K.A "The Pioneer W…

Week 9: Tweet Tweet, Twitter!

I have had a Twitter page for about a year now, and I haven't used it very much because I never feel prepared enough and sometimes, I don't know what to share. I have discovered a few pages that have inspired me and there are four businesses I have observed to see their versions of Twitter, and they are vastly different.

Teresa's Silhouette Spot @SilhouetteSpot - This Twitter page is updated regularly, relevant and with links to her Etsy Shop, Teresa's Art and Such. It's full of richly taken pictures, something I have not attempted yet with my page.

Cut That Design @CutThatDesign - This page looks like fun, but it hasn't been updated since June 13th, so there isn't much for me to go on. The profile looks to have a lot of things shared from other sites, such as, and retweets from other artists. What I would probably change for this site is I would keep myself relevant by adding tweets per day with a few tips. If I don't have time to twe…

Week 8B: Does Visual Media work for me?

I can see how visual media can work for this business. I follow a group on Facebook called Mr. Nola's Glitter, a glitter company based in New Orleans, LA. The group's feed is flooded with videos of projects from crafters who have revamped travel mugs or tumblers/keychains/wine glasses using their glitter products and then coated these items with epoxy to make it smooth. The videos show off the sparkly end result, and the business is booming now with orders because other followers in the group are enamored with the color combinations, and techniques used.

I haven't yet grasped how I will use visual media, I posted a FaceBook Live video of a prize pack I won from Siser, one of my vinyl suppliers. That was probably one of the more successful posts, and I might have been nervous during the video, but a lot of my followers were interested in what I had to say.

Melissa Viscount from the Silhouette School Blog posts several videos per week. Some are re-posts from previous years o…

Week 8: Get Visual

Right now, I am all over the place in creating a visual space for my social media platforms. I am seeing other businesses use them as a method for tutorials, showing off their creations that pictures just can't capture, or by simply making a small "commercial" for their brand. I haven't discovered that yet, but I am starting to get the right equipment to do videos and take better pictures.

I have found out that I don't need very much in the way of fancy camera or video equipment. Some of the bloggers and businesses I follow use an iPhone to take pictures, and an iPad to make FaceBook Live videos to promote their products.

On Facebook, I am ALMOST at 100 followers! I don't post as often as I would like, but now that I am getting settled in my new place, I am about to use it a lot more often. Usually on Facebook and Instagram I use the hashtag #quebonitocrafts and I also use the popular hashtags for the materials I use. For example, if I am using Siser Heat Tra…

Week 7: Engaging customers

I enjoy following pages from companies or small business I admire. Here is an example of the pages I liked as my business page

Dawn Nicole Designs - I follow her page and she is a calligrapher, who has made her mark creating hand lettered fonts. She has her designs for sale, and also has free printable pages for those interested in learning lettering.

SKS bottle - I chose this page because I have ordered from them in the past and their products are great. They have just about every solution for packaging, bottling, jars, and other containers in almost any size, material, or color. They also have accessories for labeling and even shrink wrapping your product.

Bead and Button magazine - I have been a beader since I was about 15, and finding their bead magazine in print can be hard to come by. By liking their page, I am able to see vibrant pictures and tutorials of projects. I also get inspired by color and this page will allow me to see what's trending.

Happy Black Woman - This Face…

Week 6: Reach vs. Engagement

I am having the craziest week with moving across town and am a little behind, my apologies!

This time we will talk about reach vs. engagement. When a business post is published, the amount of people who might have seen the post is known as reach. It's great to have reach in order to become visible as a business. However, just relying on reach might not be enough. I see things all of the time on my FaceBook feed and they don't always get a "like" or a comment.

That's where engagement comes in. Engagement is the actual clicks, likes, comments and video views a business page receives. Knowing the difference in how to engage customers is what makes a Facebook business page successful. Insights by Facebook shows the graphs and charts each post makes and categorizes them into Reach vs. Engagement. These tools are helpful in order to see what is working and what may need improvement in a business' posts.

I recently posted a video of an unboxing I did from a prize pa…